hutp NAB to record Nawaz s statement in gifts case

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hutp NAB to record Nawaz s statement in gifts case

Jyrl JUI-F rejects ban on Ansarul Islam
LAHORE:Iqbal Town Division of the police has released its statistics of the weekly performance.The police division carried out multiple raids upon instructions from SP Operations Lahore Captain (ret) Mustunsar Feroz. In one of the raids, 12 suspects were arrested for possessing illegal weapons including 10 pistols, one dagger and 58 bullets. The police hav [url=]jordans zalando[/url] e registered case [url=]red sambas[/url] s against the suspects. According to Iqbal Town SP Syed Ali, police also arrested 18 suspects for drug pedd [url=]shoes dunks[/url] ling and recovered 5.647 kilogrammes of meth, 110 capsules of Bhang and 100 litres of alcohol and registered cases against them.The police division also nabbed 10 members belonging to 5 gangs and traced 24 cases while also recovered Rs345,000 in cash. According to Iqbal Town SP, during a crackdown against suspects, police arrested 20 B category suspects declared as absconders by the court. In addition, the police also arrested five other suspects, one suspect for kite-flying and one suspect for one-wheeling.SP Iq Dmqd Smuggling not responsible for dollar hike
RAWALPINDI:A door-to-door campai [url=]af1[/url] gn has been launched to enroll special children [url=]mens air forces[/url] [url=]af1[/url] in schools where they would be provided free of cost education.